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Cyber Monday

…sounds a bit dirty, doesn’t it?

I went to Fairview for a few Black Friday deals yesterday, but it wasn’t nearly as pepper spray-y as in the states. In fact, no lineups at all and I didn’t have to trip, strong-arm, fake out or steamroll anyone!

If you missed out on the deals, don’t worry – Cyber Monday is coming! Tons of travel companies are having vacation deals too – so if you want to book a winter getaway, now’s the time! Here’s some helpful links:




SMART CANUCKS  (love this site for deals in general!)

Toys R Us and Home Depot are also offering sales on their Canadian sites on Monday….happy shopping!



Sunday Nights

Are for clay masks and melancholy looks.  Also, that is not a Snuggie – but it damn well should be.

Clayface Lauzon strikes again.

Kidney Foundation of Canada

I done played with paints.

For the past 4 years, I’ve contributed a painting (and I DO lose that term loosely) to an amazing cause: the Kidney Foundation of Canada. 

They get REAL Canadian celebrities (and then there’s me) to make an original painting and auction it off for this great cause.  Follow this link and check out original art by Mike Myers, Hawksley Workman, Catherine O’Hara, Leonard Cohen and more!  It’s an incredible gift idea for the upcoming holidays.

To bid on my piece (ahem, MOM),  click here! 

Thanks for your support for a great cause!!